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I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend... I am also a creator. I don't have a specific genre of art that I practise. I creates as I see fit. This is my world of freedom, where I express myself spontaneously. Because in the language of Art, there is no such thing as limit, there is no right or wrong. Everything was just pure imagination. I don't play by the rules, because I simply do not do boring.  

Expectant mother: Cassy Ella
Photo, director, outfits,  photomanipulation: Shih (Cynthia) Hawkins

About Me

My name is Shih, I’m commonly known as Cynthia. I am Chinese-Malaysian and I have migrated to Australia in 2007. I am a multidisciplinary artist. When it comes to something artistic, I never hesitated to get my hands on it. I have always excelled in art since I was a little girl. That has become my journey ever since. I was a professional hairdresser and makeup artist for 15 years. In the year 2012, I represented Australia in a global makeup competition and I have come first in the ladder beating 19 other competing countries. During my career as a hair and makeup artist, I have had the honour to work with the legendary singer Tina Arena during her stay in Hobart as her hair and makeup artist. I am also a professional photographer and have worked in the Glow Cosmetics head office as their graphic artist, photographer and designer for 7 years. I then continued to explore the creative sector supporting people with disability by mentoring them in art therapy. 

In the recent years, I have also becoming very active in the wearable art sector. In the year 2018 - 2020, I have won multiple awards locally, nationally and internationally. I have also been working very closely with the Burnie Art Council, Burnie City Council and other government sectors by mentoring in art, as well as a commissioned artist to build a 9 feet tall sculpture for a COVID-19 recovery program. 

My experiences in different creative sectors also allow me to become unique in what I do. I would describe my style of work as an expressionist, but I do not really categorise my art because art has no boundaries. I see things that other people do not. I like to break the rules a little and explore something new and exciting. 

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