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Inspired by the sustainable nature; emphasising the over harvesting, greed and poverty that we do not see every day. What we do not see in front of our eyes, does not mean it did not happen. 


Earth, where we live, breath and consume. The planet has produce and habitats for all kind until mankind has their desire. The power hungry created war. Man-made disasters caused death. Greed and envy causes excessive harvesting. 


Would we all live in equality if everyone only takes what they need? Would disasters such as war, poverty, the pandemic and pollution occur if it is not for one's desire? 


Can you see what you do not see on the other side of the world? It may not happen right before our eyes, but it is happening. 


Mother earth has produce;




*This sculpture has 3 sets of LED lights connected to a multi USB port into 1 adapter. Suitable to be plug into the wall or a USB connection point* 


Materials: Acacia wood, polycarbonate, forks, resin, aluminium gauges, silver beads, fishnet stocking, metal brackets, nuts and bolts, LED strips light, fairy lights, egg cups, spoons, adhesive.


Size: 56cm x 52cm x 29cm, weigh approximately 6 kg. 

It was enough for everyone

SKU: SC0002
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