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Medium: Oil pastel on paper

Size (with Frame): 43.8cm x 57cm x 2cm


This little guy are commonly found in the East of Africa, Madagascar. The panther chameleon’s generic name (Furcifer) is derived from the Latin root furci meaning “forked” which refers to the shape of the animal’s feet. The animal feet comprises of 5 toes which are fused together to two groups. One group has two toes, while the other has three toes.

This gives the animal’s feet an appearance of tongs. The group of two is on the outside, while the group of three is on the inside. The panther chameleon’s fused opposite digits have sharp claws that enable the animal to grip trees like pincers which makes the animal an excellent tree climber.

The panther chameleon is called that because its specific name pardalis is the Latin word for “leopard” or “spotted like a panther”.

The chameleon is given that name because of peculiar markings on its body which looks like the stripes of a leopard. Since black leopards are called panthers and the chameleon lives in Africa and has black markings, it naturally became the Panther Chameleon.


This artwork is framed with double mount board and 70% UltraVue glass to reduce glare. It produce a mellow green and purple tint if any glare at all.


Panther chameleon

SKU: AF005
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