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The TasmAsian

2020 Paper On Skin entry - Highly Commended

Talent: Brooke Suhirman

Photo: Grant Wells


This year, I would like to use this opportunity to celebrate my culture and as a dedication to all the Asian that reside in this beautiful place called Tasmania. In the piece, I have featured many beautiful things and places I seen in my entire time in Tasmania. The beautiful Rhododendron Garden, Stanley Highfield House, “The Nut” and Cradle Mountain are all featured in different component of the garment. I remember the very first time I arrived to Tasmania, the very thing that mesmerised my eyes was the beautiful Albino peacocks, also made an appearance in my piece. A mixture of Asian influences such as Dragon (represent the king/man), Phoenix (represent the queen/woman), cherry blossom were also painted. Alongside with some patterns that were inspired by Qing Dynasty ancient outfits and embroidery. The 12 years I have lived in Tasmania, I am yet to discover many more beautiful places around the state. The TasmAsian, is a piece of artwork I created to celebrate all the Asian that have lived here or wanting to call this place home. All I can say is I am proud to call this piece of paradise, Tasmania my home.

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